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Welcome to Athena Environmental Solutions Ltd 

Experts. Exact. Excellence.

We are a UKAS accredited laboratory and experts in asbestos analysis. Offering a dedicated service in the area of bulk analysis, we pride ourselves in our professional and personal service. Based in Essex and with over 30 years combined experience in the industry, we are able to offer an unrivalled consultancy service in asbestos analysis and provide every client with a trusted source of advice and strive to meet and exceed expectation. Read more.


Our Services

We work with a range of clients across the country and combine our knowledge with our excellent level of service. We value our staff's continual professional development and our experienced personnel are all experts in the field of asbestos analysis.

Furthermore, every single member of staff in the company are aware of changes in legislation and current issues affecting the asbestos industry. Our customised approach to every service means that we can take the time to understand your requirements and adapt our analysis service accordingly. Click here to read more about our specialist services in                                                asbestos analysis.

Asbestos - Past and Present


400 BC. One of the first recorded uses of asbestos is its   incorporation into the wick of a gold lamp given to goddess Athena.

Today. Every week, an average of 4 plumbers, 20 tradesman, 6 electricians and 8 joiners die from asbestos related disease. 

Any building built before 2000 may contain asbestos. Asbestos materials are safe unless they are damaged and the fibres become airborne.

   Click here to read more about asbestos and the Control of Asbestos Regulations

Listen to Ian Wright talk about asbestos and the reasons it must be managed:

Monday, June 27, 2016
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